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Re: Nicer looking printouts?

On Oct 17, 10:11am, Mark Komarinski wrote:
> Subject: Re: Nicer looking printouts?
> Jorge Godoy wrote:
> >
> > ...
> > Mark, I think that these problems are htmldoc's fault, and not our
> > DSSSL stylesheet or system. If it's really happening at LDP, we need
> > to fix it ASAP (either fixing htmldoc or installing tetex and
> > jadetex...)
> Oh, I know these are with htmldoc and not the DSSSL.

Well, as it turns out it's more of the interaction
of htmldoc with the html code that's generated out
of jade/DSSSL. The tagging structure and constructs
(from jade/dsssl) could stand to be improved (to a small
degree) as well.

> Is jadetex being maintained by anyone?  Are the openjade folk
> working on fixing it up?

I'm still waiting for it to be completely installed on
metalab so I can give it a try.


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