Chapter 7. Resources

Table of Contents
7.1. Pointers
7.2. Mailing list

7.1. Pointers

Your main resource for Linux/UNIX assembly programming material is:

Do visit it, and get plenty of pointers to assembly projects, tools, tutorials, documentation, guides, etc, concerning different UNIX operating systems and CPUs. Because it evolves quickly, I will no longer duplicate it here.

If you are new to assembly in general, here are few starting pointers:

7.2. Mailing list

If you're are interested in Linux/UNIX assembly programming (or have questions, or are just curious) I especially invite you to join Linux assembly programming mailing list.

This is an open discussion of assembly programming under Linux, *BSD, BeOS, or any other UNIX/POSIX like OS; also it is not limited to x86 assembly (Alpha, Sparc, PPC and other hackers are welcome too!).

Mailing list address is .

To subscribe send a messgage to with the following line in the body of the message:

subscribe linux-assembly

Detailed information and list archives are available at