A.9. Adding Anti-Virus Software

Exiscan-ACL plugs into a number of different virus scanners directly, or any other scanner that can be run from the command line via its cmdline backend.

To use this feature, the main section of your Exim configuration file must specify which virus scanner to use, along with any options you wish to pass to that scanner. The basic syntax is:

av_scanner = scanner-type:option1:option:...

For instance:

av_scanner = sophie:/var/run/sophie
av_scanner = kavdaemon:/opt/AVP/AvpCtl
av_scanner = clamd: 1234
av_scanner = clamd:/opt/clamd/socket
av_scanner = cmdline:/path/to/sweep -all -rec -archive %s:found:'(.+)'

In the DATA ACL, you then want to use the malware condition to perform the actual scanning:

    message  = This message contains a virus ($malware_name)
    demime   = *
    malware  = */defer_ok

The included file exiscan-acl-spec.txt contains full usage information.