Appendix A. Exim Implementation

Table of Contents
A.1. Prerequisites
A.2. The Exim Configuration File
A.2.1. Access Control Lists
A.2.2. Expansions
A.3. Options and Settings
A.4. Building the ACLs - First Pass
A.4.1. acl_connect
A.4.2. acl_helo
A.4.3. acl_mail_from
A.4.4. acl_rcpt_to
A.4.5. acl_data
A.5. Adding SMTP transaction delays
A.5.1. The simple way
A.5.2. Selective Delays
A.6. Adding Greylisting Support
A.6.1. greylistd
A.6.2. MySQL implementation
A.7. Adding SPF Checks
A.7.1. SPF checks via Exiscan-ACL
A.7.2. SPF checks via Mail::SPF::Query
A.8. Adding MIME and Filetype Checks
A.9. Adding Anti-Virus Software
A.10. Adding SpamAssassin
A.10.1. Invoke SpamAssassin via Exiscan
A.10.2. Configure SpamAssassin
A.10.3. User Settings and Data
A.11. Adding Envelope Sender Signatures
A.11.1. Create a Transport to Sign the Sender Address
A.11.2. Create a New Router for Remote Deliveries
A.11.3. Create New Redirect Router for Local Deliveries
A.11.4. ACL Signature Check
A.12. Accept Bounces Only for Real Users
A.12.1. Check for Recipient Mailbox
A.12.2. Check for Empty Sender in Aliases Router
A.13. Exempting Forwarded Mail
A.14. Final ACLs
A.14.1. acl_connect
A.14.2. acl_helo
A.14.3. acl_mail_from
A.14.4. acl_rcpt_to
A.14.5. acl_data

Here we cover the integration of techniques and tools described in this document into the Exim Mail Transport Agent.