Chapter 5. More on configuring input devices

Table of Contents
5.1. Finding the real devices
5.2. Using hotplug with input.agent and input.rc
5.2.1. input.agent
5.2.2. input.rc
5.3. Using XFree with event interface support
5.4. Using the "Phys" descriptor and USB devices
5.4.1. ... with Input Agent
5.4.2. ... with XFree with event interface support

Here you will find more details on configuring input devices and dealing with secondary keyboard interfaces found in USB multimedia keyboards.

If you feel comfortable under Linux, please review and test the experimental service ruby_init. The service, the configuration file and the README can be found in Appendix D. Any kind of feedback is highly appreciated. (Please, please drop a line with comments. :-) )


If you are configuring a system with two displays( 2 keyboards, 2 mice) you probably can skip to Chapter 6 "Configuring display managers", but if you want to use a single system for more users you will find really useful information in this chapter.