15. About This Document

This document is part of the Linux Documentation Project. Thanks go to Dave Winer and maintainers of all the various XML-RPC libraries.

15.1. New Versions of This Document

New versions of this document are available at the Linux Documentation Project website.

They also provide this manual in alternate formats, including PDF, gzipped HTML and ASCII text.

15.2. Contributors to the XML-RPC HOWTO

The section on Ruby was contributed by Michael Neumann (neumann AT s-direktnet DOT de). The section on K was contributed by Christian Langreiter (c DOT langreiter AT synerge DOT at).

These contributors are all credited at the beginning of their sections.

15.3. Submitting Other Snippets

If you have a sample client or server in another language or environment, we'd love to include it in this manual. To add a new entry, we need the following information:

E-mail your example to the xmlrpc-c-devel mailing list or directly to Eric Kidd.

Thank you for your help!