Markup and general information

Secret Life of Markup, The,, Steve Champeon.

Progressive Enhancement and the Future of Web Design: Where We Are Now ,, Steve Champeon.


DocBook References

DocBook XML 4.1.2 Quick Start Guide,, Jim Weller.


Describes how to install, configure and use the tools and resources for DocBook XML 4.1.2. The purpose of this quick start guide is to get new docbook authors, editors, and contributors up and running fast with the DoocBook tools. These are powerful tool in the hands of an author. It assumes a fair knowledge of building and installing source packages. There are probably a million and one ways to accomplish my ultimate goal of installing and using these tools. This one works well for me.

--Jim Weller 

Installing And Using An XML/SGML DocBook Editing Suite Setting Up A Free XML/SGML DocBook Editing Suite For Windows And Unix/Linux/BSD, , Ashley J.S. Mills, 2002.

Getting Upto Speed With DocBook,, Ashley J.S. Mills, 2002.

DocBook: The Definitive Guide,, Norman Walsh, Leonard Muellner, 1999, 1-56592-580-7, O'Reilly & Associates, Inc..

This book was released by O'Reilly in October 1999, and is a great reference to DocBook. I have not found it to be a great practical book. You can pick it up at the book vendor of choice, and the entire book is also available online (in HTML and SGML formats) at the above URL.

Simplified DocBook: The Definitive Guide,, Norman Walsh, Leonard Muellner, 1999.

Simplified DocBook,

XML Matters: Getting started with the DocBook XML dialect,

FAQ for DocBook markup,

Single-Source Publishing with DocBook XML, ,, Dan York, 2002.

DocBook Install mini-HOWTO,, Robert Easter.

Exploring SGML DocBook,, Giorgio Zoppi.


Howtos-with-LinuxDoc-mini-HOWTO,, David Lawyer.

LinuxDoc-SGML User's Guide,

Converting Other Formats to DocBook

Converting HTML to Docbook SGML/XML Using html2db,

5-Minute Review: Using LyX for Creating DocBook,

Document processing with LyX and SGML,

LDP templates, tools & links

LDP Templates, , .

Contains links to SGML templates and their resulting HTML output to help you see what your document will look like. Many of the tags just need to be replaced with information unique to your HOWTO. Also contains links to tools and other useful information.

Linux Documentation Project HOWTO Generator, The,

This is a standalone web page with a number of fields to fill in and a few buttons. When ready the compile button starts the compilation of all the input fields and wraps it all in proper LinuxDoc SGML, ready to process with the LinuxDoc SGML tools.

The compiled output is outputted to a read-only text area near the bottom of the webpage, so the text has to be copied and pasted into a file for compilation.

DocBook is not currently supported.

DocBook Transformations

DocBook XML/SGML Processing Using OpenJade, ,, Saqib Ali.

General Writing Links and Style Guides

Guide to Grammar and Style,, Jack Lynch.

Purdue's Online Writing Lab,

Chicago Manual of Style,

Plain Language Resources,

Writing User-Friendly Documents,

This is quite useful. It includes before and after writing samples.

PlainTrain Writing Tutorial,

Writing for the Web,

Information Pollution,

Be Succinct! (Writing for the Web),

Politics and the English Language,, George Orwell.

A classic text on writing.

Elements of Style, The,, Strunk and White.

A classic text on writing.

A Short Handbook and Style Sheet,, Thomas Pinney.

Technical Writing Links,

Technical Writing Tutorial,

Strategies to succeed in technical writing,

User Guides Online Tutorial,

DMOZ Technical Writing Links,


Technical Writing Links,

An omnibus of links--scrounge for goodies.

Related TLDP Documents

Linux Documentation Project (LDP) FAQ,, Rahul Sundaram.

LDP HOWTO-INDEX,, Guylhem Aznar, Joshua Drake, Greg Ferguson.

Software: CVS

CVS: Project Management,, Byron Clark.

CVS,, Ashley J.S. Mills, Alan P. Sexton.

CVS--Concurrent Versions System,, Pascal Molli.

Learning About CVS ,

Software: Emacs

Information about PSGML ,

Emacs: The Free Software IDE,

Emacs/PSGML Quick Reference,, Bob Ducharme.

NT Emacs Installation,, Charles Curley.

Cygwin Packages for DocBook Authoring,

SGML for Windows NT: Setting up a free SGML/XML editing and publishing system on Windows/Cygwin ,, Markus Hoenicka, 2000.

Vim,, Steve Oualline.

XML Authoring Tools

Saqib's list of XML Authoring Tools,

Documentation Licenses

Licensing HOWTO,, Eric Raymond, Catherine Raymond.


This document explains how U.S. copyright and licensing law applies to open-source software projects. It compares the strengths and weaknesses of the existing open-source licenses, and gives guidance on how to choose a license for your project. It also explains the legalities of changing a project's license. It suggests new practice for coping with today's high-threat legal environment--this part is a must-read for all project leaders.

--Eric Raymond and Catherine Raymond 


OpenContent officially closed June 30, 2003.

Creative Commons,

GNU Free Documentation License,

GNU General Public License,

If you would like your documents to be included in the main Debian distribution, you should use this license. It is not, however, the LDP's license of choice.