7.2. Fixing Errors

7.2.1. Fixing Your Own Documents

If you find an error in your own document, please fix it and re-submit the document. You can re-submit your files by emailing them to .

If you have been using the CVS, you can submit your changes to the CVS tree and then send a note to the submit mailing list (). In your email please give the exact path of your document in the CVS tree.

Remember to update the revision history at the top of the document.

7.2.2. Fixing Other Documents in the Collection

If you find an error in someone else's document please contact the author of the document with the correction. If you do not hear back from the author within a "reasonable" amount of time, please email the LDP coordinator at (subscription required) and describe the problem and how you think it needs to be fixed. If the license permits, you may be asked to make the change directly to the document. If the problems are serious, the document may be removed from the collection, or moved to the "Unmaintained" section.

NoteTaking over unmaintained documentation

For more information on how to deal with unmaintained documents, please read: Unmaintained (includes a list of steps to take to take over "ownership" of unmaintained documents, and a list of unmaintained documents).