Appendix O. Exercises

Table of Contents
O.1. Analyzing Scripts
O.2. Writing Scripts

The exercises that follow test and extend your knowledge of scripting. Think of them as a challenge, as an entertaining way to take you further along the stony path toward UNIX wizardry.

      On a dingy side street in a run-down section of Hoboken, New Jersey,
      there sits a nondescript squat two-story brick building with an inscription
      incised on a marble plate in its wall:

                       Bash Scripting Hall of Fame.

      Inside, among various dusty uninteresting exhibits is a corroding,
      cobweb-festooned brass plaque inscribed with a short, very short
      list of those few persons who have successfully mastered the material
      in the Advanced Bash Scripting Guide, as evidenced by their performance
      on the following Exercise sections.

      (Alas, the author of the ABS Guide is not represented among the exhibits.
      This is possibly due to malicious rumors about lack of credentials and
      deficient scripting skills.)