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Chapter 16
Useful Web and FTP Sites

The following World Wide Web and ftp sites are useful: [\tilde]axplinux
This is David Mosberger-Tang's Alpha AXP Linux web site and it is the place to go for all of the Alpha AXP HOWTOs. It also has a large number of pointers to Linux and Alpha AXP specific information such as CPU data sheets.
Red Hat's web site. This has a lot of useful pointers.
This is the major site for a lot of free software. The Linux specific software is held in pub/Linux.
Intel's web site and a good place to look for Intel chip information.
The Linux Journal is a very good Linux magazine and well worth the yearly subscription for its excellent articles.
This is the primary site for information on Java on Linux. [\tilde]ftp/pub/linux
MIT's Linux ftp site.
Linus's kernel sources.
The UK Linux User Group.
Home page for the Linux Documentation Project,
Digital Equipment Corporation's main web page.
DIGITAL's Altavista search engine. A very good place to search for information within the web and news groups.
The Linux HQ web site holds up to date official and unoffical patches as well as advice and web pointers that help you get the best set of kernel sources possible for your system.
The AMD web site.
Cyrix's web site.
ARM's web site.

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