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Re: LDP project going online

Kevin Cullis wrote:

> I'm putting together a new form of the LDP project which is along the
> lines of what you've stated below:
> ...
> I've got some unique organizational skills which will allow me to help
> out.  The URL WILL be www.linuxloc.com (registered yesterday) and ...

I don't want to rain on your parade, but there are a few points ..

While all the LDP material is freely available and, as far as I know,
the name is not trademarked so you can use it without legal hindrance,
it is other people's work. They deserve credit and recognition for it.

You need to be rather careful that you don't appear to be trying to
exploit their good name without their permission. It appears from your
post that you are not being sufficiently careful.

My quick check does not show you or anyone else at orci.com as
subscribed to ldp-discuss. (Of course, perhaps you're subscribed
from some other address.) Methinks if you want to contribute to
LDP, you should subscribe.

Not being subscribed, you may have missed some other replies to
your message, along the lines of my (1) above. Check the archives.

If, as it sounds, you are thinking of some form of index of LDP
documents, bravo. This is work that needs to be done. However,
this raises a bunch more questions.

Are you aware of existing indexing projects? The only one I know
of is OMF, the Open Metadata Framework:
There may be others I haven't heard of.

What will your index look like and what are its advantages?

Are you targeting only LDP documents? What about
	man pages
	docs in info format
	HowTos whose authors chose to put them on oswg.org
	stuff like the netfilter HowTos that cover an important
	  Linux facilty but for some reason aren't in LDP
	stuff like my FreeS/WAN docs (www.freeswan.org) that
	  isn't yet in a format that lets it go into LDP

Why do this on your web site? Is that the best place? Do you
have the server power, bandwidth and skilled admin resources
to make it a good place?

Will you distribute the tools so others can do similar indexes?

Do you need help? This list can be an excellent resource. There
are a lot of people with a variety of skills and interests.
Post more about your project and you should get lots of feedback.
Criticism, suggestions, pointers to resources, perhaps even

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