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Re: LDP project going online

On Sep 7,  6:38pm, Stein Gjoen wrote:
> Subject: Re: LDP project going online
> [...]
> Already thyere are a number of web pages for projects that use and link
> to LDP pages. Some examples (from Google, searching for my own HOWTO):
> 	http://linux.davecentral.com/4057_tutadmin.html  (wrong copyright)
> 	http://www.linux.com/howto/Multi-Disk-HOWTO.html (out of date)
> 	http://www.linux123.co.uk/howto/Multi-Disk-HOWTO.html (ood)
> 	http://www.m-and-s.com/LinuxHOWTO/Multi-Disk-HOWTO/Multi-Disk-HOWTO.html
>             (ood and with banner ads all over)
> 	http://n473.gq.nu/howto/Multi-Disk-HOWTO.html
>             (way out of date and with banner ads)
> and so on. Clearly peaple are already using LDP material on commercial
> sites, some also with banner ads.

There is an "official" way to utilize LDP content and that is to
register to become an mirror site. All the sites above are *NOT*
listed as mirrors.

Content can become outdated rather quickly, as Stein points out.
This can cause major headaches for all involved (esp. for the
consumers of the information).

It is highly recommended that if you wish to utilize the LDP
content, you become an official LDP mirror site owner.

> [...]


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