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Visual editing

Have you ever wanted to have an editing program do something, but you don't
have the time or know-how to get it to work?

I know that the LDP use SGML, but we think that when the tools are there,
the future will belong to XML.  We have begun writing an XML editor for KDE
and would like to hear your ideas.  There will be direct support for
DocBook, but the automated help should work for any DTD.

Are there any things
  you would like to see in an editor,
  you think are great in the one you use,
  or really irritate you?

Please reply to me personally (chris@willmot.co.uk) unless you think there
are points that would be of value for the list to discuss.

The more input from real users the better we can make it, so please feel
free to add your comments to our growing collection.

Chris Willmot

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