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Re: Visual editing

Chris Willmot wrote:
> Have you ever wanted to have an editing program do something, but you don't
> have the time or know-how to get it to work?
> I know that the LDP use SGML, but we think that when the tools are there,
> the future will belong to XML.  We have begun writing an XML editor for KDE
> and would like to hear your ideas.  There will be direct support for
> DocBook, but the automated help should work for any DTD.
> Are there any things
>   you would like to see in an editor,
>   you think are great in the one you use,
>   or really irritate you?

Get a copy of WordPerfect Office 2000 for Windoze and use
the SGML editor - your editor should do at least as much.
Particularly important are a reliable macro capability and
layouts. Do them better than WP. But most of all, try WP.
There isn't any reason to single out XML for support - go
whole hog and do SGML. Write me off-line about automation


Don't be afraid to try the competition, they've got ideas
you should.

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