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Re: Formats (was Cataloging LDP ...)

David Lawyer wrote:

> ... Now I'll go off-topic.  The
> Programming one is obsolete and a new one has been written by a new
> author.  But this author will not submit it due to our sgml formatting
> requirements.  He says that even if we put it into DocBook for him, he
> will not maintain it in this format (nor in LinuxDoc).  He had a
> pretty bad experience with sgml.  I've about given up on trying to get
> him to change his mind.

A week or two back I asked if HTML plus a Makefile that uses
htmldoc (www.easysw.com) to generate other formats (PDF, Postscript)
was an acceptable format for LDP submission. I was told it was.

Would that suit this writer?

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