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Re: new_document

Kevin Cullis wrote:
> I'd like to write two HOWTOs: Quality 101 and Essential Linux Concepts.
> Any thoughts?

"Quality 101" is so vague I can't comment on it. Can you be a bit more
specific, please?

"Essential Linux Concepts" is certainly a good topic, but there are many
other HOWTOs with some of this information. One is the
UNIX-and-Internet-Fundamentals-HOWTO. We all know that Linux != UNIX,
but they are still really, really similar. Be sure to read it before you
start work; perhaps you could improve the existing HOWTO rather than
writing a new one (although it is one of the better-maintained HOWTOs
(maintained by esr)).

Look in the "Linux OS" section for some more. The URL is

An outline of the content you propose to cover would give us something
easier to discuss than a simple title. I have seen from your posts on
other topics (btw, how is the cataloging project going?) that you start
at a really high level and then drill down into details. This is fine,
except that it's hard to discuss things with other people when we don't
(yet) see your vision.


David C. Merrill, Ph.D.
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