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Re: Source files of guides

Poet/Joshua Drake wrote:
> >and Optimizing Linux: Red hat Edition" in MS Word source.  Can't MS
> >Word be converted (using MS Word) to HTML?  Also I would like to see
> >it cover other distributions, not just RedHat.
> We are currently in negotiation to provide several versions. However,
> currently RedHat is number 1 in the US. That makes the readership very
> high.
> The next version will probably be SuSe with Mandrake following. Of course
> you are welcome to send updates to the document that we will add if they
> are applicable.
> >Also, in the proposed manifesto we say we want plain text and HTML
> >formats for people who have old hardware or are visually impaired.
> >But the above "Securing ..." guide doesn't have these formats.
> Nope. It doesn't.

Both plaintext and HTML are easy to produce from Word (just "Save As..."
from the File menu). Will somebody that has Word please do this?

David C. Merrill, Ph.D.
Linux Documentation Project
Collection Editor & Coordinator

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