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Re: Simplified DocBook

Le ven, 27 oct 2000, David C. Merrill, Ph.D. a écrit :
> My original point was just that *no* word processor can recognize the fact
> that .muttrc is the name of a file, and instruct/suggest that you apply
> the <filename>.muttrc</filename> tags around it. That's all I meant when I
> said that a word processor cannot ensure that you use the DTD
> *appropriately*.

oh, well, of course, but a wp can have a wysiwyg or wysiwym interface,
showing what happens when using the tag, a translated name for it, even a
hole help system and hide the direct relationship with the DTD.

making tables in html is very easy and most of the time I key in the
source <tr> or <td>, but when layout is important I use quanta, a pull
down tag menu with graphic preview or even staroffice for full wysiwyg.

I can do linuxdoc with vi, but I prefere lyx and I'm reluctant to do
docbook without such tool.

the problem is that no so many advanced word processors (in opposition to
text editors) support docbook and that until now a never achieve to make
lyx run docbook under suse. 

that is why I think a _very simple_ word processor, kind of abiword, should
be a very usefull entry point for docbook beginners.

however I think this thread is long enough and I invite any body wishing
to answer to do this privately.


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