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Re: Feedback

David Merrill wrote:
> From: "Greg Ferguson" <gferg@hoop.timonium.sgi.com>
> > A good project, if someone wishes to take this on, would be to create
> > and maintain an up-to-date "contact" list for documentation.
> >
> > This would include:
> >
> > - Finding updated email addresses for all HOWTO authors. As
> >   we have seen, inquiries have come in as to how to contact
> >   HOWTO authors; as (some of) the published email addresses
> >   are no longer valid.
> >
> > - Collect contact info for other documentation stored/mirrored
> >   on the LDP site (guides, man pages, FAQs, Linux Gazzette).
> >
> > - Collect contact info for other documentation not stored on the LDP
> >   site (I realize this could get lengthy, but we could continually
> >   add/update this, similar to the "links" pages on the LDP).
> >
> > I'm not sure if this is within the scope of the cataloging effort,
> > perhaps David Merrill or Kevin Cullis could comment. It's badly needed.
> Sure. :)
> I think this *is* within the scope of the cataloging effort, which is
> really a meta-data effort as well as strictly a cataloging effort. I will
> not maintain a separate contact list for HOWTOs, but rather devise a means
> of extracting this information directly from the SGML of the HOWTOs. I'm
> working on scripts to do this right now.

I apologize for not commenting of late, but I've had personal stuff to
attend to which has set back my original "due date."

There are two issues being "worked" on: David is working on metadata for
the LDP which touches or affects, however slightly, my cataloging of the
LDP (i.e. some of the metadata shows up in HOWTOs).  Both will require a
consensus of this mailing list/maintainers of the various docs as well
as "rewrites" to include any changes which help out the LDP as a whole.

The key issue is that we continuously improve the LDP effort, which
everyone is doing.

BTW, does anyone have a Library Science degree?


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