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Re: tag for translators?

On Tue, Nov 28, 2000 at 03:03:28PM +0900, 권순선 wrote:
> Hello guys...
> I've been around this mailing list for long time but mostly read-only.
> But this time I think I should talk something.
> Before that, let me introduce myself. :-)
> I am the maintainer of Korean Linux Documentation Project since October, 1996
> and coordinated the Korean Translation ever since.
> Yes...English itself is the biggest barrier to most non-English linuxers.
> (including me!! :-)
> So we Koreans are doing much translations day by day
> but one thing I've wondering was that why the LDP author guide doesn't
> have a note for translators.
> As for linuxdoc sgml dtd, there is no tag for translators.
> Hence one guy patched the sgml internally and we are using it.
> (<trans>, <tdate> tag was added)
> And these days, we are moving to DocBook format.
> But the docbook doesn't have a tag for translators either.

I would like to see the mainstream linuxdoc adding these tags.
Taketoshi Sano has been maintaining it and I'm wondering if he's
willing to update it by adding the <trans> and <tdate> tags.  Or is
there a better way to do this?  One could put the translator just
after the author but special tags are better.  Most authors would
never need to learn about them.  Then they would need to be mapped to
the docbook tags (othercredits ...) so as to correctly convert to
DocBook.  I realize the <tdate> mapping is not yet defined.

			David Lawyer

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