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Re: HOWTO filenames

David Lawyer wrote:
> > I suggest removing the words "HOWTO" and "mini-HOWTO" from
> > filenames. They are already present at the directory / place they are
> > stored at LDP.
> But if someone downloads just a few of them the "HOWTO" identifies
> what they are.  

I hate to just say "I agree", but I agree with David that having
HOWTO in the name helps identify what the file is.  I've seen
people emailing files around or putting them up on internal web
sites where they are NOT in a "HOWTO" directory.  So my vote 
would be to keep it in the name.

(Out of curiousity, why is this discussion happening on lpi-discuss
and not on "discuss@linuxdoc.org"?  And who is going to be the one
to tell the folks asking newbie questions on the new list that it
is for discussion of *LDP* issues and not general Linux questions? :-)


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