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Re: HOWTO filenames

On Dec 6,  9:59am, Dan York wrote:
> Subject: Re: HOWTO filenames
> David Lawyer wrote:
> >
> > > I suggest removing the words "HOWTO" and "mini-HOWTO" from
> > > filenames. They are already present at the directory / place they
> > > stored at LDP.
> >
> > But if someone downloads just a few of them the "HOWTO" identifies
> > what they are.
> I hate to just say "I agree", but I agree with David that having
> HOWTO in the name helps identify what the file is.  I've seen
> people emailing files around or putting them up on internal web
> sites where they are NOT in a "HOWTO" directory.  So my vote
> would be to keep it in the name.

In fact, I do that myself on SGI's web site.

Anyway, I want to go ahead and change the filenames (add the
"-HOWTO" suffix) for the handful of entries that don't follow
these standards. Unless I hear an arguement against it, I will
proceed. Same for shortening the mini-HOWTO names.

> (Out of curiousity, why is this discussion happening on lpd-discuss
> and not on "discuss@linuxdoc.org"?

My fault. I was torn between which alias to use! For the
announcements I've been using both (ldp-announce).

> And who is going to be the one to tell the folks asking
> newbie questions on the new list that it is for discussion
> of *LDP* issues and not general Linux questions? :-)

It's plastered all over the web site, but I just realized that
not having it on the front page is probably what triggered
the influx of questions from those not knowing the guidelines.
I'll fix that.

In the meantime, I nominate Dan to give them the news. :-)


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