Chapter 36. Miscellany


Nobody really knows what the Bourne shell's grammar is. Even examination of the source code is little help.

--Tom Duff

Table of Contents
36.1. Interactive and non-interactive shells and scripts
36.2. Shell Wrappers
36.3. Tests and Comparisons: Alternatives
36.4. Recursion: a script calling itself
36.5. "Colorizing" Scripts
36.6. Optimizations
36.7. Assorted Tips
36.7.1. Ideas for more powerful scripts
36.7.2. Widgets
36.8. Security Issues
36.8.1. Infected Shell Scripts
36.8.2. Hiding Shell Script Source
36.8.3. Writing Secure Shell Scripts
36.9. Portability Issues
36.10. Shell Scripting Under Windows