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Re: HOWTO filenames

On Dec 6,  8:51pm, Jean-Daniel Dodin wrote:
> Subject: Re: HOWTO filenames
> as the author of the "partition-rescue-mini-HOWTO" (title kept from the
> previous athor's one), how must I call this document ?

Well, you certainly don't have to change your local copy if
you don't want to. Once it gets (re-)submitted to the LDP I
would rename it by taking off the '-mini-HOWTO' portion and
keeping the title unchanged.

The result would be (recall that mini-HOWTOs do not carry any suffix):

  filename: Partition-Rescue.sgml
  title   : Partition Rescue mini HOWTO

I hope this won't cause any problems. Let me know what you think.

btw, it would be nice if the version/date format was changed in this
particular document as well, to this (per the LDP Author Guide):

  v{d}.{d}, {dd} {month} {year}
  eg.     :   v1.1, 27 July 2000



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